Acrylic Paints


Yoga + Painting

Creative workshops led by Artist and Yoga teacher Charlotte Hampson. These workshops are designed to bring balance to the mind, body and soul through meditation, yoga and painting. The sessions are suitable for complete beginners in both art and yoga, however, they can also be a great tool for creatives to overcome artist block!

The workshops take place once a month in each location, with the theme of the session changing each time. You will be taken through the painting section of the workshop step by step but you are more than welcome to bring your own artistic spin to the piece. 


The Pavilion


3rd Saturday of each month 

1:00pm - 3:00pm

The Pavilion is a beautiful studio and wellness centre with a live plant wall and a view of the park. There is also a really lovely coffee shop with parking available near by.


Investment - £28

Small group sizes and all materials included. 

Click the link below to book your space. 


Wagtail Coffee and Yoga


1st Saturday of each month 

Coming Soon!

Wagtail coffee and yoga studio is located in the heart of Chichester. The studio has a relaxing atmosphere and the cafe is a beautiful space full of delicious food and drinks. I am thrilled to be teaching monthly yoga painting workshops here at Wagtail.

This event is the perfect way to spend your Saturday, where you can spend some much needed 'you' time whilst socialising with likeminded people. You will leave feeling relaxed and revitalised. 

The first hour will include a gentle yoga and meditation practice in the studio. We will then move into the cafe where you can enjoy the delicious range of nibbles, cakes teas and coffees while we paint.


Small group sizes and all materials included. 

Click the link to book your space.