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Art Flow Yoga was founded in 2021 by Artist and Yoga Teacher Charlotte Hampson. Charlotte graduated from Wimbledon College of Arts in 2019, with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting, where she was exploring the relationship between creativity and well-being. Charlotte completed her 200hr YTT in Brighton in 2021 and has since been committed to sharing her passion of art and yoga, and their healing benefits, with her local community. In 2023, Charlotte completed 100 hours of Yin Yoga and Guided Meditation training at the Aegialis School of Yoga in Greece.


Art Flow Yoga offers weekly Hatha and Yin Yoga classes for all in Portsmouth at the creative Life Won't Wait Tattoo Studio on Copnor Road. 


In Chichester, Charlotte offers a combined workshop of yoga and art for relaxation and to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Click here to see upcoming art and yoga workshops.


Bring your mind body and soul into harmony with an active Hatha practice. 

What to expect...

- Grounding 

- Intention setting 

- Pranayama 

- Mobilisation warm up 

- Surya Namaskar 3 to 4 rounds

- Main asanas with modification and progressions given

- Passive stretches held for longer

- Savasana with guided meditation, silence or sometimes a sound bath.

Monday @ 5:45pm & 7:00pm 

£9 per class or

£42 for 6 weeks

(1 class per week) 

Friday @ 7:30 

Pay what you can

Yin Yoga


Improve your flexibility and find your way back to a state of calmness, stillness and peace with this rejuvenating class.


What to expect...


- Grounding 

- Gentle mobilisation of the joints

- A sequence of predominantly seated or supine postures that are held for 2-5 minutes each. 

- Guided meditation or sound bath

Yin is a cooling, calming and contemplative practice that targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians. 

Friday @ 6:25pm

£9 per class or

£42 for 6 weeks

(1 class per week) 

Rise and Shine


Raise your vibration, ready for the week ahead, with this gentle but energising yoga class.


What to expect...


- Grounding

- Intention setting for the week ahead

- Chanting

- Pranayama

- Surya Namaskar

- A flowing  asana sequence

(modifications and progressions given)

- Guided Meditation

Monday @ 7:30am & 9:30am

£9 per class or

£42 for 6 weeks

(1 class per week) 

IMG_1467 3_edited_edited.jpg

2 hour yoga and art workshops in Chichester for relaxation and improved wellbeing. 


Hen/Birthday parties

Team building workshops

Art for Sale

Modern_chic_living_room_interior_with_long_sofa (1).JPG

Original paintings for sale, in oils and acrylic + commissions 

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Upcoming Events

How can yoga benefit you? 

- Builds strength

- Improves balance

- Improves co-ordination 

- Reduced stress

- Improves confidence

- Helps to overcome limiting beliefs

- Improves sleep 

- Improves flexibility 

- Calms nervous system

- Reduces anxiety and depression

- Reduces tightness in the body 

- Improves posture 

- Improves back pain 

- Improves energy levels

- Group classes provide community and  support

"I truly believe that yoga is for everybody. Yoga is much more than the physical asanas (poses) and there is a style and teacher out there for everyone. Here at Art Flow Yoga my aim is to provide a safe and supportive space for people to explore their inner worlds. My yoga classes are mixed ability where I give lots of options so students can find the right poses for their bodies or energy levels from one class to the next. This allows for progression in students who want to explore more advanced poses whilst building a strong foundation and understanding of asanas." Charlotte Hampson

Classes start with an initial relaxation, allowing time to become present and grounded with the opportunity to set intentions. We'll then practice a pranayama (breathing technique) followed by a gentle warm up of seated postures and sun salutations. We will then move through a flow of main poses, slowing down towards the end of class with seated and supine poses and holding for longer. The class ends with about 10 minutes in Savasana and a couple of minutes listening to the sounds of the Venus gong. 


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"Charlotte is a wonderful yoga teacher, who brings warmth and kindness to every class. She strikes a perfect balance between encouraging me to challenge myself, but also tap into the mindful benefits of yoga. I've attended both her yoga painting workshops and evening classes, and couldn't recommend them enough."



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